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Category Guide

This guide is meant to help people put proper categories on pages.

If you add a category, please add the template relating to it, such as adding the stub template for stub pages.

Click here for help on the all-in-one template.


Stub Template

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This article is a stub. Please help the wiki by adding more information.

Definition of a Stub

A page is to be classified as a stub if its contents do not reach the end of the infobox when fully filled out.

An example of a stub page will be the Superyacht.

Needs Update

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This article needs updating, meaning that this article needs to be updated with new information, or the picture(s) do not meet the standards.

A page falls under the Needs Update category if its contents have been made outdated because of a recent update, or its pictures do not meet the picture standards.

Subject to Deletion

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This article is being reviewed for deletion.

This is a category for pages that might be deleted. Only admins and bureaucrats are allowed to add this template and the Subject to Deletion category.



All vessels should go here.


This is for ports, major islands, or terminals.

Game Essentials

This is for terminals, and everything else essential to the game such as ship controls or changelogs.

Wiki Admin

This is for stuff relating to the wiki, such as standards for photos.